Open job position: Laundry Stew

Laundry Stewardess plus 80m Private Yacht. We are seeking a strong Laundry Steward/ess who has been a laundry master on 70m + yachts for a minimum of 2 years and who is committed long term to the laundry position.

This candidate needs to be highly capable, experienced and proficient in all aspects of running the laundry and be invested and committed to the role.

We are looking for the right fit for this prestigious Yacht, Captain and Crew and work well within the Interior team; personality is a very important factor. Positive attitude, enthusiasm and energy are vital, but also someone with a composed nature and calm personality in busy situations.

All candidates must be in possession of valid visas, a seaman’s discharge book, valid passport and all certifications and an up to date. B1/B2 will be a prerequisite and the candidate will need to be available to an approved doctor for medical screening. Please only apply for this position if you fill all the criteria.

Job Details:
Job Type: Full Time
Accept Couples: no

Yacht Details
Launch Year: 2010
Crew Number: 26
Guests Number: 14


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